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If you were to die this evening with no opportunity or communication with anyone, what would you most regret not having told someone? Why haven't you told them yet?


“i found your tumblr”



I am really happy! Baseball in just over an hour, the sun is boiling and even though, tonight is a cup game against a team which hasn’t lost a game they’ve played this season, even that won’t make me any other emotion but happy! :D

New day.

Waking up in a bad mood this morning was not how I wanted to wake up, but as the day is slowly going on my mood seems to be getting better. Weather is lush, haven’t got work and I’m able to relax all day until baseball later. I think the way today is going that it’s going to be a great day (touch wood), and I’ll make it my mission not to complain today… Or complain half as much as I usually do.

Who am I?

Thinking isn’t always a good thing, especially when trying to figure out who I am. I’m not a tomboy, I’m not a girly girl, I’m not classy yet I’m not a slob. I am all of them. Although, things are going to change starting from today.. I still won’t care as much for what people think of me, that’ll remain the same, but as I care what I think of myself I realised that I must be careful of my actions and how I look constantly when with people. That’s the problem in life I find, not trying to please others no, for that does not bother me, it’s how I see and feel in my own skin, and that can be deadly.






I mixed the last page of the epilogue (read by the amazing Stephen Fry) with Leaving Hogwarts, changed the levels and unfortunately to make it fit, cut some bits out. But yes. This is what it sounds like.

My dear Claudia, please tell me you found this and are sobbing your eyes out right now…

I got chills. I have goosebumps. I am crying. And I’m not just saying that. I am literally crying.

I burst into tears